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Experience the power of visual storytelling with iGene's remarkable visual effects services. Our talented team is passionate about turning your vision into reality. We prioritize client satisfaction and take pride in delivering high-quality output that will surpass your expectations.

Our Expert VFX Services

  • Rotoscopy / Matte Extraction
  • Paint and Prep
  • Matchmove & Rotomation
  • Beauty Fixes / De-aging
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • 2D Compositing
  • Special Effects
iGENE Media Premium Visual Effects Services

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Rotoscopy / Matte Extraction

From simple character roto to the most complicated hair details and crowd, iGene team members ace at tracing over footage, frame by frame, for realistic movement. By masking the excessive motion blur of a moving object, we can greatly simplify the compositor’s job. We provide alpha mattes, channel renderings, and spline files for further versatility, all with the right name/folder structure as specified by the client.

We can convert 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery, offering separated roto for characters and background objects. Our strength is our capacity to produce large quantities of high-quality rotos.

The iGene team masters the art of delivering flawless roto mattes for 360° virtual reality content, flawlessly stitched in either mono or stereo.

iGene offers a diverse range of matte extraction techniques in roto and keying to deliver accurate and refined alpha mattes, ensuring a polished result.

Paint and Prep

Our motivated and diligent team works exactly with care and quality for all types of paint demands such as marker removal, rig removal, painting out undesired aspects, whole character removal, element recreation, and all your basic prep needs.

We have a varied group of stereo paint artists required to produce high quality clean plates and sequential paint work that meets the Stereographer’s requirements.

Our skilled team can remove all types of artifacts and work with high-resolution VR footage.

Matchmove and Rotomation

We have a large team of tracking experts who can manage tools methodically to solve the intricate movement of any camera or object in a shot. The team can solve the track even if the camera and lens information are unavailable.

Our rotomation artists can build 3D figures that authentically resemble the movement of characters in films and television shows. In addition, our artists collaborate with data capture technicians and the live-action production crew to set up markers on set.

To comfortably fulfill our clients’ timelines, our artists create storyboards to understand the concept of a scene and build up cinematic camera moves while working closely with creative directors.

Beauty Fixes & Deaging


Beauty and deaging techniques make an actor appear younger, especially in flashback scenes or to match the age of the character in the story. These treatments are also used to improve an actor’s appearance by erasing blemishes, wrinkles, scars, or other flaws.

Our skilled VFX artists employ cutting-edge technology to generate lifelike and temporally consistent effects that preserve the actors’ or actresses’ facial identity and expression. We also use the longitudinal training data to capture the changes in the face over time.

Digital Matte Painting


Digital matte painting is used to create photorealistic backdrops for films, TV shows and VR. These backdrops can be landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, or any other environment that is difficult, expensive, or impossible to film in reality.

Our matte paint artists are highly skilled in creating digital matte painting using 2-D digital images which are usually photos or paintings that are edited and composited together to form a seamless image.

Our artists are very capable of replacing portions of a shot with digital effects to create a realistic illusion of space and perspective.



Our talented compositors can create realistic and immersive scenes by layering different elements such as live-action footage, computer-generated imagery (CGI), pictures, paintings, text, and particles to improve the overall aesthetic of the scene. 

While combining 2D/3D objects to footage, our artists are experienced in techniques like masking, blending, keying, tracking, and color correction. We use our creative abilities, technological understanding, and attention to detail to provide high-quality outcomes that reflect the project’s goal and style.

Visual Dynamic Effects


Visual Dynamic Effects (VDE) is all about bringing life to moving elements like particles, fluids, smoke, fire, or explosions. Our super talented team of VDE artists excel in crafting drawings, sketches, and animations to create visually stunning effects. They also possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to visual aesthetics, utilizing the latest tools and technologies. They pour their creativity into every project to ensure timely delivery of top-notch special effects shots that truly impress.

iGENE Media VFX Services - Titling and Motion Graphics

Titling and Motion Graphics


Our titling and motion graphics artists can innovatively create and animate text and graphics for films, web series, OTT content, TV shows and commercials. 

We have the skill and expertise to work in various genres and styles, such as horror, comedy, drama, or suspense, and create titles that introduce a topic, emphasize a point, provide information, create mood, or add style and flair.

We balance creativity and clarity and make sure that the motion graphics and titles complement the visuals without distracting or overwhelming the viewer.

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